Reach your singing goals and grow as a performer!

Kathleen Connell teaches sustainable, evidence-based vocal techniques and performance craft, helping you develop as a singer and connect with your audience.

We’re buzzing with activity as everyone gears up for concerts and workshops.

We’re thrilled to welcome many new faces to our studio. Join us in this exciting journey and be a part of our dynamic community!

Singing tuition for dedicated singers

When you work with Kathleen, you have a collaborative, creative singing teacher. Lessons are tailored to your specific needs, goals and experience level, based on the foundations of healthy singing:

  • Breathing
  • Posture
  • Resonance (Sound production)
  • Articulation

Getting your voice technique right lets you explore songs you enjoy and those that challenge you.

Singing Lessons

What to expect in a lesson

Singing Lessons

Free your singing voice with customised training that enhances vocal technique and sets a program to improve your voice so you can sing and perform with confidence and ease.

Studio and online lessons


Singing training packages to suit your schedule, location and experience. Choose from in-person lessons at two convenient Sydney studios, and online training via Zoom, Facetime or Skype.

Singing exams

Lauren Final University Exam

Studying singing for the HSC, AMEB or international exam systems? Kathleen knows the requirements of each to train singers to exam success or prepare you for your audition.

About Kathleen

I help adult singers find the best in their singing voice through training, commitment, and a
dedicated program. Combining my professional industry experience and qualifications as a teacher and musician I provide resources, practical knowledge, and patient direction for singers to accomplish mastery.

Advanced singers who work with me are emboldened to maintain their momentum and seek inspiring song material and progress their skills. Aspirant singers learning in my studio discover motivation to work through blockages and seek secure technique.

What Kathleen’s students say

  • "Kathleen knows just how to employ straight-forward, practical exercises and select repertoire that helps me extend my vocal range, develop strong breath support and achieve better tonal control. Through her I’ve been able to transform my natural voice to a lighter tone and achieve far greater agility. "
    Anne Richardson
  • "I have been learning singing with Kathleen for 12 months now. 12 months of practice and lessons later, I have a beautiful singing voice I am proud of. Together we have worked to develop my tone, resonance and learned vowel shapes and consonants. She creates lessons catered to my specific needs and skill set and is patient and encouraging. The city studio is spacious with city views and is a great learning environment."
    Gemma Lipman
  • "It's important to me that a singing teacher invests in updating teaching methods and studies the latest voice research. I appreciate that Kathleen is always updating her skill set and brings that into lessons. "
    Alex Malubag
  • "What a positive impact working with Kathleen has made to my singing development, by using a wide range of vocal drills, reinforcing breathing technique and a holistic approach to my singing training. I highly recommend Kathleen for your musical journey."
    Belinda Mar
  • Ann McEwen
    "Over the last few years my throat had become tight as I was singing. I needed a teacher who could diagnose this and help reverse the tendency. In a short time Kathleen has taught me to concentrate on my breath flow rather than trying to control my voice through the throat. I have so much more freedom now."
    Ann McEwen

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