Singing training with Kathleen Connell

Learn the right techniques to confidently sing a range of styles

What to expect in a lesson

First, Kathleen assesses where you and your voice are at, any vocal problems to work on, and your singing goals. Then, she creates your individualised program for how to get you there. Using the latest singing methods, Kathleen helps you:

  • Achieve flexible breathing technique and good posture
  • Transition between head and chest voice
  • Build resonance
  • Gain pitch accuracy
  • Extend your vocal range
  • Choose songs that meet your needs and suit your voice
  • Tackle nerves and performance anxiety
  • Repair poor singing habits
  • Tell stories through song

Most singing lessons start with breathing technique and vocal exercises, then working on your chosen repertoire.

Studio and online singing programs

Flexible learning with face-to-face and online singing lessons.
Whether you’re starting out or more advanced, choose from 4 training packages from single classes to 5 and 10-week blocks.

Singing exams

Kathleen supports your singing studies for HSC, AMEB and International Exam Systems, from sight reading, graded exercises and aural skills, to repertoire and general knowledge.

Learn performance skills

Kathleen coaches you to be a better performer. Explore how to hold an audience, inhabit a character and work with an accompanist. Hone your skills at our 2 studio concerts each year.

What our students say

  • Jake Severino, Musical Theatre Performer
    “I have learnt how breath is controlled and how to work with an accompanist as a collaborator. The most significant moment I noticed an improvement in my voice and performance was at Kathleen’s Studio Concert. I have gained true confidence as a singer.”  
    Jake Severino, Musical Theatre Performer
  • Sara Miranda, Student and Folk Singer
    “I have learnt so much about my voice. I can notice myself improving every lesson.”
    Sara Miranda, Student and Folk Singer
  • Lisbeth Elsen, Health Professional
    “With Kathleen’s guidance, I solved technical issues and my repertoire grew. I needed a slow, purposeful direction to improving my singing and Kathleen provides this.”
    Lisbeth Elsen, Health Professional
  • Vanessa Gray, Accountancy Professional
    “From the very first lesson, I felt Kathleen would be able to get my singing going and I have continued my lessons because I’m confident she is helping me. I understand so much about singing because Kathleen gives not only tools for musical and tonal improvement, but also how your body works when singing.”
    Vanessa Gray, Accountancy Professional
  • Katie Bell, Software Engineer
    “Kathleen is a wonderful teacher; she can identify and explain clearly which muscles you need to relax or how to change your breathing to get that clear, steady sound you're looking for. Kathleen also provides recordings of the accompaniment, so I can sing along without lag, and it's helped me get better at keeping pitch unaccompanied rather than relying on singing with the piano.”
    Katie Bell, Software Engineer
  • Erwin D'Souza, IT Professional
    “Training with Kathleen, I learnt to shape the physical aspects of my voice through vocal ‘register stretching’ exercises. Now, I sing some advanced repertoire with a prestigious choral group.”
    Erwin D'Souza, IT Professional