December 9, 2020

A Strong Head Voice Makes You A More Versatile Singer

Do you struggle to hit high notes? Do you avoid songs with passages that call for using your head voice?  Singing in head voice is a common challenge for vocalists, but learning to find and develop your upper register will open you up to singing a wider range of material […]
August 7, 2020

Warm Up To Singing Exercises – For A Stronger Voice

Recently a singer told me they didn’t like the scales, arpeggios and exercises we do at the beginning of lessons, because they were worried about getting them wrong. Well, getting them ‘wrong’ is part of the learning process! Singers may be dismissive of exercises, try to avoid them, or feel […]
July 4, 2020

Breath control: the best support act for your singing growth

While breathing in our daily lives is something our bodies do automatically, breathing for singing is something we have to learn. But learning proper breath support can take a while, because your body has to learn new ways to be and breathe. It can be complex, challenging and thought provoking […]