Kathleen Connell

May 28, 2024

Embrace your big sound: How to create resonance in singing

Resonance is essential for singing that people – including yourself – love listening to. Beginner singers can find resonance confronting though, as they get used to the idea of being loud and being heard. When I ask singers to make a ‘resonant sound’, they can be perplexed by the term; […]
April 25, 2024

How to develop a performer’s mindset by finding your own singing opportunities

Singing in performance is a completely different experience to singing when you practise.  Nerves, the environment, acoustics and other variables can get in the way. In fact, when you perform, it’s thought you lose 20% of the skill, zing and focus you have when practising. So, using a studio singer’s […]
April 5, 2024

Workshops and Concerts are in the planning for 2024

Want the challenge of singing for an audience? Kathleen Connell trains performers of all levels and varied song genres to perform at their best. Browse our in-person or online training options, or call 0402 409 106.
March 27, 2024

Singing consonants can be a mouthful. Here’s how to get them right

Consonants in singing can be tricky, but learning how to position them is necessary for clear and precise singing. While much emphasis is placed on sounding vowels in singing, consonants shape the words you sing so they are understood. This is part 1 of two blogs exploring consonants. Why it’s […]
February 26, 2024

How recording your singing lessons can speed up your progress

During my singing training, I recorded every lesson, using a heavy old cassette recorder. Later, I’d listen back and mostly, it drove me nuts, itching to fix this sound, fix that move, change that vowel, get that consonant out of the way, and oh! That weak breath control! It made […]
December 16, 2023

What are your singing goals for next year? Our singers share theirs

As a new year approaches, it’s helpful to reflect on your singing achievements and plan your goals for the coming year. First, be sure to celebrate your achievements! As a singer, you’re taking risks others don’t. Putting yourself out there with your voice and performance takes courage, so do acknowledge […]
November 29, 2023

Fast-track better breathing for singing with these Accent Method exercises

In last month’s article, I introduced Accent Method Breathing (AMB), an efficient way to quickly take in breath to support singing and increase your versatility as a singer. The article included a few beginner AMB exercises, which you can try here. This month, I introduce some advanced breathing exercises for […]
October 25, 2023

How Accent Breathing Method improves your versatility as a singer

Whether you’re an aspiring, beginner or advanced singer, you know that sustainable breathing is crucial to singing. The science of breathing and the voice has seen many developments over the decades, and recently, I’ve introduced a technique called Accent Breathing Method (AMB) into training my studio singers. Over the next […]
September 21, 2023

How singing lessons in a professional studio enhances your progress

We humans are creatures of habit, and convenience can be key to forming good habits. This is especially true for singing training. Regular lessons and singing practice are essential to developing your vocal skills and technique, and anything that makes this easier is a good thing. This is one reason […]
August 22, 2023

Here’s to music: the work and rewards for singers in our studio concert

There’s nothing like working towards a live concert to develop your singing and performance skills. And last month, 12 of our talented, committed singers showcased their work at our annual concert, held at The Flute Tree in Sydney’s Leichhardt, performing 24 songs to 50 appreciative guests. The concert offers a […]
August 14, 2023

“To Music” 2023 Winter Studio Concert

On a winter evening, the Flute Tree and Woodwind Group Studio Rooms in Leichhardt were filled with beautiful music. Alison provided superb accompaniment for our singers, who gave such wonderful and fine performances at our studio concert. Varied repertoire and dedicated understanding of text and character. Special thanks to Ben […]
July 20, 2023

Memorising song lyrics is essential when performing. Try these easy tips

How often do you see a singer performing with a sheet of song lyrics in front of them? Rarely, I’d guess. Performing singers memorise song lyrics to free themselves to be in the moment, to better interpret a song and its character, and to engage with their audience. Many of […]
June 28, 2023

How choosing the right song repertoire for your voice helps you grow as a singer

Choosing repertoire, i.e. the songs you sing, requires a range of decision making, based on a singer’s ability and various other reasons, such as cultural and technical appropriateness. Here, I’ll explore some songs currently being sung in the studio, and why I have selected them for singers. Sometimes, singers come […]
May 23, 2023

Pitch perfect: Learn to sing accurate intervals and stay in tune

Singing in or out of tune can make or break your development as a singer. Here, we’ll learn how interval training helps. What are intervals in music? When you sing a song, you are technically singing a group of pitches, i.e. notes. Those pitches are formed using intervals. An interval […]
April 27, 2023

Two singers share their tips for developing belt and mixed voice singing

Belt and mixed voice singing are popular styles, featuring in many contemporary genres. And while they are challenging to learn, you’re rewarded with a greater versatility in repertoire. Let’s look at developing these skills, using songs two of my singers are working on to demonstrate some techniques. Belt singing usually […]
March 30, 2023

Learning to sing after 40: Get comfy out of your comfort zone

In life, we’re always learning. As we age, though, we might let go of some goals, thinking we’re too old. But adages like ‘It’s never too late’ and ‘You’re only as old as you feel’ ring true with learning a new skill later in life – like singing. Sometimes we […]
February 24, 2023

How lip buzzes, tongue trills and humming fine tune your singing

When you were a child, if you pursed your lips and vibrated them to make a ‘broom, broom’ sound when pretending to drive a car, you were performing a lip buzz. These, along with tongue trills, humming and similar voice warm ups are often referred to as semi-occluded vocal tract […]
December 13, 2022

2022: a successful year for the studio and our singers

Reflecting on 2022 makes me realise how far the studio – and you, its singers – have come. Here are some of our achievements. January – April: Student numbers more than double We began 2022 with 14 singing students. By January 31, we had 24 – returning students and those […]
June 29, 2018

Are you stuck in a repertoire rut?

Expand your song choice and hone your technical skills with these classics from The Great American Songbook When it comes to song choice, the simplest option is to return to your go-to song list; those familiar, well-worn songs you know like the back of your hand. But as they say, […]
April 11, 2018

The dos and don’ts of voice health

Have you ever tried getting through a day, or even an hour, without saying a word? It’s no mean feat, especially if one of your first tasks is to order a life-restoring coffee at your local café! Despite how much we rely on our voices to navigate our days, many […]
December 13, 2017

Three weddings and a singing teacher

As singers, we sometimes have the privilege to share our talent with friends and family at special occasions. That’s been the case for several of my students this year, with two of them serenading their new spouse! Read their stories.
December 13, 2017

How to sing at an emotional event (without getting weepy)

Singing at a wedding or other special occasion is one of the most memorable ‘gifts’ you can bestow on a friend or family member. Or even better, it can be an unforgettable surprise for your newly-betrothed. Yet this type of performance comes with an added complication. Emotion. Here are five […]
December 13, 2017

Summer Concert 2017

Another fantastic studio concert was held in Sydney on November 18 2017. As always, it was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on how much each of my singing students have improved during the year.
October 23, 2017

The top five blunders made by singers before (and during) a performance

Here are five ways to guarantee a lacklustre and unpolished performance (the last thing any performer wants!) Leave memorisation to the last minute Forget to practice in front of a mirror Compare yourself negatively with other performers Insist on perfection Let nerves get the better of you and rush through […]
July 21, 2017

Is your day job spoiling your singing voice?

There are many occupations that demand extensive use of our voices. Teachers, salespeople and lawyers, just to name a few. But what if you also happen to sing in your spare time? Then it’s important to know that poor speaking habits can affect the quality of your singing voice.
July 21, 2017

3 things not to do when your voice fails

Many of us don’t think twice about our voice until it’s impaired or lost. And then we panic! Here are three things to avoid doing if you want your voice to return to normal as quickly as possible.
July 19, 2017

Winter Concert 2017

At this year’s mid-year concert, twelve of my students performed with piano accompanist Alison Cameron in front of an audience of family and friends.
May 9, 2017

Breathing: The secret of all successful singers

For many of us, breathing is an unconscious act; it’s the very thing that sustains us and yet we rarely give it much thought. When it comes to singing, it pays to give your breathing technique the attention it deserves.
March 14, 2017

Student Profile: How Owen achieved aim to sing opera

Owen Alexander is a Sydney-based singer-songwriter, who works in the furniture industry by day. He started singing lessons with Kathleen Connell in 2016 and set a goal to perform with a local opera group. Here’s how Owen went about making it happen. When it comes to setting singing goals, why […]
March 8, 2017

12 places to practise your performance skills (and reach your ultimate goal)

Do you dream about singing at an iconic venue or performing at an Open Mic Night? Having a performance goal is great, but often there’s a gap between your dream and your current capabilities. So here are 12 ways to earn your performance stripes and move closer to achieving your […]